3D Letter 'R' Blue Artifical Silk Roses

Usually £35, now £5

Celebrate identity with this baby blue artifical silk 3D letter 'R'. Decorated with small heart bling crystals in each rose head. Ideal for shop window or bedroom decor. 

Measures: 35cm height x  22cm. 15 artifical silk roses. Indoor use only. Not suitable for children.

All sample sale pieces are one off's unless stated above that we have more than one available. Pieces within this section are made by our student florists or from ex-display stock and has been used within our studio for display. Please bear in mind colours may differ slightly due to studio lighting and the device you are viewing on. Please note all sample sale pieces are both non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Although many of our clients report thier (preserved real) roses have far exceeded 1 year life we do not offer a garantee of the life of preserved roses.  If you have any questions before making a purchase please do not hesitate to contact us.