Indulgence Artifical Silk Roses MEDIUM & LARGE Round Boxes

The highest quality artifical everlasting roses made from man made silks. Tonal shades with realistic veins, nursery leaves, sepals and stems displayed in a choice of fabulous box colours & sizes. Can't see what you are looking for? Contact our florists to discuss your design today.

Our Indulgence plush velvet hatboxes are all hand made by our skilled florist team who will adorn your design with any of the following accesoires and optional extras for your delectation.


Personalised luxury satin printed ribbons £12.99, photo or wording custom printed lid £25-£25, small hearts or round shape bling in each rose head £7.99 or large swarovski hearts (6 per box) £19.99.

Medium 16cm diamter, contains 7-11 closed bud roses

Large 30cm diameter conatins 20-26 open roses

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