'Manhattan' Silk Bouquet LARGE - Artifcial Mixed

Looking for a real statement bouquet on a grandiose scale? Our 'Manhattan' large artifical silk everlasting bouquet demands your full and complete attention.

Inspired by the lofty heights of Manhattan's skyline and made up of bold vibrant colours mimiking Manhattan's colourful metropolis our head florists have handpicked the markets finest, most realistic tactile blooms to create this absolutely stunning stupendous bouquet just for you!

Made up of Camelot real touch© roses, ink blue delphinium, molucella, muted green eucalyptus, bush grasses and pussy willow handtied together and gift wrapped in a worldclass bouquet that stands well over a meter tall.

Manhattan measures: approx. 106cm height x 78cm, approx 48 mixed stems

Personalised luxury satin ribbon, butterfly accessories (gold, rose gold, silver, white, pink, mixed colours)

The Manhattan is available for worldwide shipping.